A Quiet Moment with my Kids – A Personal Session

Last year, the hills of Camarillo , Newbury Park, Thousand Oaks and Malibu were bright with fire. It is unbelievable how much land was burned/destroyed. Much is still charred, dead and bare but life is beginning to show up again. I could have gone deep in metaphor and symbolism about what I was looking at with my kids, but I chose not to. It would go too far over their heads anyways and then I would get questions back from them that would go way over my head. Kids are so smart and take you so literally. It’s best to keep things simple. So I took the opportunity to share with them how God restores and that God is good, ALL THE TIME! God brought back the bright orange poppies and the little fern because he knows how much we love to look at his creation! The kids had a wonderful time soaking in just how magical our world can be in the still and quiet of God’s beauty!



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