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HELLO!!!  My name is Kristin Gullatt (maiden name Miller:)I’m a Ventura, Cali girl born and raised and love, love that I get to continue to live here and raise my Kinsley (4) and Kurren(2) and be a stay at home wife to my love Kris.  We live in little, but perfect place for our small family and we have one pet, a fish named Sal. (which is about all I can handle!) I spend most of my time trying to keep up with my kids and all of the random activities that entails. When I’m not in frantic “Mommy mode” then it becomes about my passion which is of course my photography. I am truly blessed to be able to call it my career and although my life definitely is a constant juggling act, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

I began photography right out of high school (2004), even attending a college (Brooks) specializing in photography and marketing. I was not impressed (nor did I fit in) and left two short semesters later, all the while holding on to my passion; I knew I wanted to shoot as a career. My baby girl came 5 years later in 2009 and instantly sparked my passion again. I want to create for others what I create for myself when I capture my daughter and sons daily life through photography. After much thought (ok, not that much because I really wanted to do it) I decided to take a leap of faith and Kristin Noel Photography came to be!  Since beginning my business back in 2010, my faithful leap has seemed to be the direction that I was meant to go and the response and feedback have been overwhelmingly positive and supportive. I could not have asked for better clients thus far and I look so much forward to watching them grow up behind the lens of my camera.

Thank you to all for your love and support. I could not have done it without each one of you!




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