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  • My name is Kristin Gullatt, owner of Kristin Noel Photography. I am a professional family lifestyle, portrait and wedding photographer. I am based in Ventura County also serving Santa Barbara County, Camarillo, Thousand Oaks and surrounding areas. I photograph families, children, moms-to-be, seniors, special events and weddings and I am having an amazing time doing so!! I adore every aspect of family life; from the first moments of life to the happily ever after and have a creative, fun and unique approach to capturing those special moments through photography. I invite you to stay and hang out for a while. It is here you will get a sense of who I am, what I do, and why I love photography so, so much!

    Hope I get to meet you soon!!

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Starting a’new

I have had my photo blogs for more than a year now. I started with KinsandMe (turned My Kins and Me) all about my little baby girl and life as I knew it being a new mommy. It began as a little memory tracker for me, writing down all experiences with her, highlighting milestones and month birthdays and bragging about how amazingly cute and smart she is. I included photos all taken with my little hand held digital Nikon camera, but the main emphasis was on the writing. As I became more and more in tune to this blogging world, and I got my professional camera and gear, I realized if I wanted my photos to get out there, blogging just might be the way to do it. About 8 months in to My Kins and Me, I decided to revamp my site and make it more photo based, emphasizing the photos by making them larger, and writing very little if anything at all. I still write about my little girl, just to myself now.

As my photography career expanded and as I began photographing things other than my Kinsley, I needed a new site to display those, which is why Kristin Noel. Photography was created. The events I shot went up, other children, kids, and families I had the pleasure of working with went up, the coffee shop photo shoot went up. But it still wasn’t enough, as I knew I had to explain what it was I was trying to accomplish with my new photography business. I needed a site that would include the business side, the details, the investment opportunities. I needed to let people know what I was even offering. I WANT TO TAKE YOUR PHOTOS! and I felt that wasn’t getting across in just my blogspot blog. I found this blogging site (wordpress) that allows you to keep the same feel as a blog, after all that is the feel and style I am most comfortable with, but allows you to include the business side as well. Neat!!! So this will be my new site. Hopefully as business grows I will get my own website someday!! Speaking of a growing business, I just ordered my first stack of business cards. Kind of excited.

I will incorporate past photos on my Kristin Noel. Photography slowly as well as add new and recent projects I have done as well. Just wanted to inform you some will be repeats.

Feedback is always much appreciated.

Check out for more of my work. Still adding past works to this site daily.

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